COPaKB Client: Batch Analysis of MS Data Files


MS data files can be analyzed in batch using COPaKB Client program. COPaKB Client integrates a set of bioinformatics tools to help you manage proteomic analyses on your computer (PC, Mac or Linux; 32-bit or 64-bit). At the end of the analyses, this program provides an integrated report of the proteomic and genomic signatures, imaging datasets and biomedical attributes related to heart biology.

COPaKB Client has been created to overcome possible loss of data when there is a failure in network connectivity. This is achieved by dividing large spectral files into small data packets, which are submitted independently to the server.

Release Information

The current version of COPaKB Client is 2.0. Please select the appropriate version of COPaKB Client that matches the operating system (Windows, OS X or Linux) of your computer. Java Standard Edition Runtime Environment version 7 (32-bit or 64-bit) is also required to run this program. This is freely available from Oracle Corp. If you experience issues with Mac, please reboot it in Windows mode.

Download Clients